Small Wins

Last night I actually got ready for bed the hour before I laid down with my daughter.

My husband took care of our daughter while I took my dog for a 20 minute hard walk.

I put wrapping paper on a small box and used it to organize our diaper kit for the bed so we could quit fussing.

I changed how I’m handling my dirty clothes and moved my hamper gaining me a glorious extra square foot of space on my side of our bed.

I got to be there virtually for a friend.

I drank enough water today.

I got our grocery shopping list created.

I got to hang out at home topless without leaking milk all over the place all day.

We snuck in love making twice.

We have so little compared to the little we used to have; yet we have more love and support in each other than we ever had before with others.

My small wins are so big in my life. I’m proud of myself for making space for them.