Q Anon and Anonamom

Let me open by clearly stating: I have come to understand that Q Anon is a dangerous hive mind. I have never been a part of that group. I do not, in anyway support their claims, dogma, or doctrines.

That being said, I am concerned about the reality of the Q Anon movement. This mindset is gaining popularity at a tremendous rate in our country, and from what I understand, in other countries also. Our little family is going to have to live in community with people who think this way.

What are the dangers for us who don’t believe? How will we navigate to do the things we need like earn our living, get our groceries, see our doctor? What does the future look like with these minds beginning to have greater influence, potentially heading for Congress?

I have not dived in to see what they believe and why they believe it. I have only skirted their dogma and read the accounts of other sources whose reporting I trust. There’s a part of me that’s fearful to know; the survivalist in me knows that ignorance could be costly. I have my family to protect. We have so little right now, we are so vulnerable, that I’m trying to keep aware of all the threats around us. I want to know as early as possible if we need to bug out. I’m also aware that I’m as vulnerable to manipulation as anyone. I hold this awareness as a tool to protect myself. I seek to ask, “Why,” at every turn as another tool to protect myself. I always look for the science, for the evidence, to protect myself. I’m grateful for my husband who has a brilliant mind and thinks for himself; I check in to protect myself.

I’m going to go look now. I’ll come back with what I find and hope to be useful to you, my readers, and our family. Wish me luck.